Hack_UTD is the first major hackathon hosted at the University of Texas at Dallas, bringing coders from UTD's smart & creative student body together to design & develop web, mobile, and hardware projects for 24 hours, realizing the potential of the skills they've curated in class and on their own.


All UT Dallas students are welcome to participate. If you are a student from another university, this hackathon is unfortunately open to UTD students only. However, we are working on making the next Hack_UTD open to all college students, so send us a line if you’re interested!

Participants must be registered. Be sure to bring your Comet Card!


Each team must submit a single submission by the deadline of 2pm on January 18th, Sunday. Submissions must contain the following:

  • Name, description, and purpose of the project
  • Screenshots or photos of your project
  • A video demonstrating your project, if desired (e.g. certain moving hardware projects, software projects or apps where animation is an important part)
  • URL to project demo if applicable
  • All team members names must be added to the submission

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Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Janell Straach

Janell Straach
University of Texas at Dallas

John Cole

John Cole
University of Texas at Dallas

Vidhyaprakash Ramachandran

Vidhyaprakash Ramachandran

Bernie Hirsch

Bernie Hirsch
Director, Software Development - Wolters Kluwer

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation and Creativity
    Does the project do something entirely novel or bring a fresh perspective to an existing problem? Is the project idea unique or are there many others like it?
  • Technical Complexity
    Was the technology involved used in a particularly difficult or interesting way?
  • Polish and Design
    How close is the project to being release ready in this state? How attractive is its design and is the user experience smooth and easy to comprehend? Do components appear to work as intended?

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